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6 Fast Facts about Face Oil & Myths busted

6 Fast Facts

1)Oil can be used day and night. Also, under make-up.

2)The right face oil can benefit any skin type, especially acne-prone and oily skin.

3)Face oil of natural source delivers moisture and radiance without the chemical side effects.

4)Face Oil pumps up your skin cells, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with its antioxidant power.

5)You only need 2-4 drops of face oil together with face mist to moisturize your face. If you use it right, it should not feel greasy.

6)Most commercial beauty creams and lotions only contain 1-10% of the natural oils that are beneficial for your skin.


1)Face Oil is only for night usage and not suitable for oily skin? Face oil is actually very beneficial for oily or acne skin, especially when you select the right one. Face oil restores the natural balance of your skin's moisture level, making the T-zone areas less oily and dry areas more moisturized. Face oil is suitable for day use, under makeup, and also in tropical climates.

2)Organic products are not effective. Many skincare brands offer products using natural ingredients. However, be selective and educated on what is best for you. Look out for products made from 100% organic ingredients, as well as brands that explain in detail the ingredients used. Providing stellar skin benefits is FrankSkincare's top priority because we developed this first for ourselves, we focus on the effectiveness of the ingredients.

3)Applying face oil is a difficult process. In fact, using face oil cuts down the additional steps in your daily skincare regime. All you need now is a spritz of face mist and a few drops of oil for your face. Voila, and you are done. Face oil will now replace your usual moisturizer and serum.

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