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Plants commonly found for skin and hair care

India is a pioneer in natural beauty care. For ages we have been using home care recipes. Gardening is gaining popularity. So here are some plants and herbs commonly found and grown in India you can use for skin and hair care.


What it does: A great natural cure for acne, mint is a pimple-fighter thanks to its salicylic acid (which also helps with excessive oil). It's also anti-pruritic, meaning mint juice can soothe and calm itchy, infected skin.

How to use it: To combat stinky and dry, cracked feet, boil mint leaves and let your feet soak. You can also mash a few leaves into a paste to spot-treat pimples, or mix with oatmeal and honey for a DIY mask. Or turn your mint into a cooling, soothing astringent.

Growing tips: Mint thrives best when left alone, so just make sure to keep it regularly watered so the soil is moist.

Aloe vera

What it does: Aloe vera is packed with vitamins, minerals and countless other good-for-your-skin stuff. It's uber-hydrating, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and can help with skin cell turnover.

How to use it: No DIY necessary here. Just carefully cut open the leaves, scoop out the gel and apply it directly as a moisturiser, skin-soother, scalp mask, leave-in conditioner, or aftershave treatment. If you want to get creative, throw it in a skin-quenching smoothie for inside-out benefits.

Growing tips: Aloe vera loves the sun, so make sure your plant is getting plenty of light. Other than that, this is a pretty low-maintenance plant, just make sure to water deeply but sparingly (weekly or bi-monthly, but with enough water that some starts to run out the drainage holes of the planter). Here's how to store it for long-periods of time too.


What it does: This common fruit can reduce puffiness, tighten the skin and soothe irritation. A water infusion works well, or you can puree the flesh for a face mask. Commonly used to soothe, tighten and lighten dark circles around the eyes

How to use it: Nothing fancy just place some slices on your face or use its juice as toner.


What it does: Rose water is very gentle on the skin. It helps to firm it up, reduce redness and inflammation, and boost regeneration and moisture levels in mature skin. It can be used as a mild astringent or toner, and couldn’t be easier to make.

How to use it: Simply pull petals from the live flower, leaving the hip and stamen in place. Heat the petals in a pan of water on a low heat for around 20 minutes; until the petals have lost their color. Don’t let it simmer.

Strain the petals and compost them. Place the rose water in a sterilised jar or pump spray bottle and keep it in the fridge. And spritz away!


Its does not need any elaboration. Its like what it can't do.

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